*** from the 1995 Toho film "Godzilla vs. Destroyer" ***

KaijuZoo Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla *** PRODUCTION LIMITED TO ONLY 10 IN THE WORLD!!! ***
One of the most well known and distinctive Japanese movie monster kaiju collectibles is the 22" tall  Bandai Super Final Premium Meltdown Godzilla made in 1995 and released in conjunction with the Toho movie "Godzilla vs. Destoroyah".  Yes, it is a very COOL and HUGE toy and as seen in the photo below, it was featured on the cover of the marvelous Sean Linkenback book "An Illustrated Guide to Godzilla Collectibles".  But the problem for collectors is that there were only 4000 of the Super Final Premium Meltdown Godzilla made and you will have to pay around $700 today to buy one if you can find it !!!  On the other hand, you might want to consider the just released KaijuZoo Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla '95 as a more reasonable AND affordable substitute.  After all, where would you find space for a Bandai Super Final Premium Meltdown Godzilla that is more than 4 feet long ???

Fourth in the series of KaijuZoo Exclusive professionally custom-detailed and painted monster toys, the KaijuZoo Meltdown Godzilla '95 is a very faithful reproduction of the colorful paint scheme as seen on the Bandai Super Final Premium Meltdown Godzilla (note the comparison photo on the book cover below).
PRODUCTION DETAILS: - (as reflected in opening bid price, each figure requires about 10 hours to complete)

  • Starting with the 6" tall & 12" long Bandai Movie Monster Series Heisei Godzilla, first the figure is completely disassembled and very densely packed with papier mache to give the completed vinyl figure extra strength and weight as if it were a statue (Note that the completed finished figure weighs more than TWICE the original, very hefty like a statue).
  • Once completely dried out, the pieces are very securely glued together and then all the articulated joints are filled in with art epoxy putty and carefully smoothed out, detailed and textured to make the exposed joint seams disappear.
  • Then comes the air-brushing of the primer and base coats of orange acrylic paint followed by the careful modulation of the red layer, blending with the orange to create the meltdown effect.
  • Next, the hand-painted glossy details are applied such as the red tongue, metallic gold teeth, metallic gold finger and toe nails as well as the amazing three color eye detail seen  in the above headshot photo.
  • Lastly, a protective matte acrylic lacquer spray is applied to seal in and protect the "radioactive" finish !!!
  • Also included with the figure as shown in the photos below is the colorful KaijuZoo Exclusive bi-fold tag which is hand-signed and numbered by the artist further making this a rare and unique collectible figure you'll enjoy !!!

  • KaijuZoo Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla

    KaijuZoo Exclusive Meltdown Godzilla w/book
    Very accurate MELTDOWN GODZILLA '95 color reproduction
    as shown in comparison with the cover of the "Godzilla Collectibles" book.

                                                         TAG  - outside                                             TAG - inside

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    OKAY, so CLEAR OFF off a spot on your shelf and I hope you'll add this COOL (and HOT !!) KAIJUZOO MELTDOWN GODZILLA to your Kaiju collection today!!!

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