Imperial Japanese Naval Air Force
Type 96-1 Modification-1 Radio Transmitter


The original design specifications for this radio system were developed in 1936, as specified by the old Japanese calendar  96 designation which equates to 1936.  The name plate further specifies the Kanji character "Kuu" which  means Sky, thereby indicating that the radio set was used in Japanese Naval aircraft.  The -1 in the Type 96-1 designation indicates that the radio set was used for installations in single-seat aircraft.  At the beginning of WWII, the Type 96-1 Radio Set, having poor performance and low power, was improved with Modification-1 and later superceded by the newer Type 4-1 transceiver.

This historic artifact from World War II is completely intact however it's operational condition is unknown.  As can be seen in the pictures, the interior of the unit and the back cover, although dusty, appears in almost new condition. The front of the case does have paint scratches and crackling but after all, it is over 60 years old !!

UPDATE: 5/2003 - 12/2007
Upon mutual agreement, Type 96-1 Radio Transmitter Serial Number 784 was on long-term loan
for display
from 2002-2007 at the National Museum of the US Air Force, Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio.

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1 Front View
2 Rear View - Cover Off
3 3/4 Front View - Cover On
4 3/4 Rear View- Cover Off
5 Serial Number Plate # 784 
6 Close Up - Ammeter Dial Face
7 Rear View - Close Up on Tubes and Components
8 Right Side - Close Up
9 Left Side - Cover Off
10 Right Side Power/Signal Connector
11 Bottom View
12 TAIC Manual Cover Sheet
13 TAIC Manual - Type 94/96 Equipment 
Page 968

14 TAIC Manual Close Up - Type 96-1 Set on Bench

15 TAIC Manual - Type 96 Specifications Sheet - Page 960
16 Type 96 Starboard Side Cockpit Installation

17 USAF Museum
Wright-Paterson AFB, Ohio
April 2003

18 Type 96-1 Transmitter on Display in USAF Museum "Combat Pacific" Section

19 Close-Up of Type 96-1 Transmitter inside USAF Museum Display Case 
20 Close-Up of the USAF Museum Description for the Type 96-1 Transmitter

21 Wide Angle View of the Type-96-1 & "Combat Pacific" Display Area
"Combat Pacific" Image Hosted by the National Museum of the USAF-9th -- (actual image)

23 Front View of Second Known Example of  Type 96-1 Transmitter
Rear View of Second Known Example of  Type 96-1 Transmitter

25 Radio at Antiques Roadshow 2007/2008 Movie of Type 96-1 Radio Transmitter at Antiques Roadshow Louisville, Kentucky
July 28, 2007

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