Glow Manda Head Shot

KaijuZoo Exclusive Custom-Made
M-1 Glow Manda
Serial Number # KZ 10/05-1

      Front Right Side         Left Front View     
                                        Front Right                                              Front Left

      Top View     
Top View

Right Side

Right Side View

Bottom view              
Bottom View

Glow Effect
Painted Glow (after painting)

Unpainted Glow         
Unpainted Glow (before painting)

Figure Art Shot
Manda and Art Group Shot

"John, That is AMAZING!! I totally love it -- it exceeds *all* my expectations! 
It's so hard to maintain a strong appearance in both normal light and while
glowing. And this piece absolutely succeeds! Instead of the paint job being
its "normal intended" appearance in normal light, and the glow appearance
being a mere afterthought, this piece is perfect in both areas!
The overall colors are brilliant (in normal light)
the glow effect looks f
antastic with my other glow vinyls on the shelf.
Again, thank you so much for providing such a great service!"

- Sanjeev Selvaraj

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