Head Shot

KaijuZoo Exclusive Custom-Made

Serial Number # KZ 6/06-1
From "Terror of MechaGodzilla" 1975

Right 3/4 View        Left Rear 3/4 View
Front Right                               Left Rear
Front       Back
 Front View                 Rear View

Right Side            Left Side
Right Side                         Left Side

    Before            Glow
    Glow Figure Before and After Painting

MG75 and Titano Group Shot
MG75 & Titano Group Shot
"John! Y'know, you oughtta go into business 
or something with this talent!
 Seriously, this is SO great!
Your love for MG really comes through on this piece!
I *love* what you did with the eyes! Very cyborg-y.
I never would've thought of something like that--it's fantastic!

The knee rockets came out great. The spines, alone, are a work of art!
And I didn't mention it before, but the teeth (especially,
the red in between) came out brilliantly! I'm thrilled!

I knew you wouldn't disappoint, but this is just fantastic!
- Sanjeev S.

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