Sanda Head       Gaira Head
KaijuZoo Exclusive Series 10
*** Limited to only 5 sets and this is the LAST one available ***
(all four other sets are already SOLD !!)

*** As seen in the 1966 Toho Co Ltd.  film ***
"Furankenshutain no Kaijû: Sanda tai Gaira" (Japan)
"The War of the Gargantuas" (USA)


Japanese WOTG Poster       Night Fight       US WOTG Video Cover
              Japan Poster               Night Fight Scene - Gaira vs. Sanda          US Video Release       

Up for sale is my last set of the KaijuZoo exclusive series of the
X-Plus Gargantua brothers (Series 10 - Serial Number 5). 

The vinyl parts of each figure were carefully trimmed, glued and joint-detailed to
produce the  cleanest fit.  And for better balance and extra rigidity, the lower legs were
filled with papier mache and the rest of the upper torso with styrofoam.  Then came
careful hand application of the movie version paint schemes.   Lastly, each figure was
attached to a custom-made display base so as to vividly show off one of the
confrontational "brotherly love" fight scenes from this cool movie!!

Brown Gargantua Sanda = 12 inches tall
Green Gargantua Gaira = 10.5 inches tall
Custom Hand Carved and Distressed Wooden Display Base = 14.5" wide X 6" deep

These very desirable and highly detailed X-Plus vinyl kits themselves were sold out quickly in Japan and
together have previously sold on eBay for more than $320 ... as an example,
see Item 110306997195 which was for just the two unpainted kits!! 
And included within my very reasonable reserve price is only part of the
more than 30 hours I have spent diligently and expertly building and painting these kits
(see more of my previous "3-dimensional kaiju artwork" at  Also included
with this sale is the KaijuZoo signed and serialized collectible tag, an 8x10 color print
and the KaijuZoo Certificate of Authenticity.


Front View - Sanda       Front View - Gaira
Front View - Sanda              Front View - Gaira
Rear View - Sanda       Rear View - Gaira
Rear View - Sanda             
Rear View - Gaira  
Side View - Sanda       Side View - Gaira
   Side View - Sanda                   Side View - Gaira            

Pair of Gargantua Brothers with Display Base
Pair of Completed KaijuZoo Gargantua's with Custom Display Base      

Sanda Unbuilt Kit   
X-Plus Kit Boxes    Gaira Unbuilt Kit
Sanda Kit Parts                X-Plus Gargantua Kit Boxes                 Gaira Kit Parts

 Kits Under Construction           Unpainted Sets
                Kits Under Construction                                      Built Kits Before Painting w/Bases    

KZ Series 10 - #1 : "Hello John, the Gargantua brothers arrived this weekend 
and they are amazing. The features and small details are perfect.
You really do have a great deal of talent. Thank you very much.
P.S. Having seen these two incredible figures, I can hardly wait
to see what you can do with the Megalon model." - Joel B.

KZ Series 10 - #2 : "John, I got the figures last Friday. They are AWESOME!
I have them proudly displayed in my basement in between all of my Bandai figures.
I have waited years to have some nice Gargantua figures and they have finally arrived.
I cannot wait to put them next to 15 inch Bandai DX Godzilla figure from the early 90's.
Many Thanks." - Rick G.

KZ Series 10 - #3 : "Jonee...they are incredible! Congratulations on an incredible
 and beautiful job. Now my challenge is to find a spot worthy of them.
Thanks again for all your hard work." - David Durrett
And also check out David's own artistic version of the Gargantuas!! - JDG
Durrett WOTG

KZ Series 10 - #4 : "Hello John, I got the set and the detail on them is wonderful,
lots of color and fine paint work. The result of your labor on the Gargantuas is something special,
I'm very happy to have them especially since you don't see many figure/model
kit representations of those two characters, which is a shame. The fact
that these two figures have been built and painted so skillfully by you is
a huge plus as well of course. The base is also a great bonus.
Thanks for everything and I look forward to what's next." - Frank B. 3/2009

KZ Series 10 - #5 : "Hi John! I just received the Gargantuas set and ........
Wow! these look even better than on the website! I'm very fascinated at the paint detail
of these sculpts and am very, very impressed at the expertise of your craftsmanship.
 I am very happy with it and consider myself very fortunate to be able
to purchase the last set available. These are going in a special place
 along my other Furankenshutain no kaiju: Sanda tai Gaira collectibles.
Thank you! Will look forward to doing business with you again!" - Santiago J. 5/2009

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