Movie Scene       Head Shot       Old Suit
Movie Scene                                                                                                        Old Suit
KaijuZoo Exclusive Series Seven
From "Destroy All Monsters" 1968

           Right Front       Left Front
       Right Front                                        Left Front

    Right Side       Left Side
        Right Side                                                               Left Side  
Rear View               "Power Pose"
        Rear View                                           "Power Pose"

Tag - Front & Back
  KaijuZoo Marmit Anguirus Tag

Marmit Anguirus vinyl kits start out with 13 very detailed pieces.
Completed size is big!! = Height 9" & Length 20".

Unbuilt Marmit Kit
               Jawbone Screw
                                Marmit Unbuilt Anguirus Kit                  Jawbone Screw Invention                       

    Built Up Kit
  "Built Up Angilas Kits on Parade"
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Series Seven Phase One - 5/2007 (three figures)
KZ 5/07-1 (7#1): "Got my Angilas today - the Marmit '68 Angilas kit done for me by John from KaijuZoo.
Wow, the figure looks beautiful. It's gorgeous!! This thing looks incredible, THANKS JOHN!" - Mike R.
KZ 5/07-2
(7#2): "Anguirus looks fantastic!" - Brian S.

KZ 5/07-3 (7#3):  I have recieved Mr. Anguirus and am more than pleased - job well done!! Looks just like one of the
Destroy All Monsters publicity stills and
looks even better than the pre-painted versions!!  As soon as I get some more money saved I have a few more projects I'd like you to take care of. Thanks for the time and effort!!" - Eric H.
CLIENT FEEDBACK - Series Seven Phase Two - 10/2009 (four figures)
KZ 7#4: Wow that's awesome! Oh my god it looks great. It matches up so well with all my
other Marmit Godzilla vs Gigan figures. I am greatly impressed. It is what I expected and more.
You really got your work cut out for ya. Thanks for everything. - Sam W.

KZ 7#5: Hi John, Anguirus looks fantastic and I'm very pleased with how he turned out. 
He's the ultimate Anguirus representation in my collection.
Thanks very much for the awesome figure. - Ben S.

KZ 7#6: Hi John. The Anguirus is great, I especially like the small strokes of paint
that highlight it as well as the more subtle hues mixed in with the main color scheme. 
Thanks very much and be well. - Frank B.

KZ 7#7:  Anguirus came in and looks great.  Thank you very much. 
I would have been kicking myself for a long time
 if I missed out on this one.  Thanks again. - Chris G.

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